Thursday, December 18, 2008


In the midst of night
i can see the sky outside
so deep so dark.
it seems it has lost its spark
spark of the pride
of the morning sunshine.
but now a loneliness
overbears it..
never does it say
never does it complain
for the emptiness
no moon no star shining...
every time i look at it
i can feel the pain ...
The pain of loosing someone
there was one mine now estranged
like the stars left the sky so strange !
still never does it dare to
to second Almighty's notion
but i do.........wish to know
why all the pain..
in my share..
the reasons...
i have been punished for ....
can just ask for one thing
just to take the pain away
take the memories good or bad away..
else all i
to give back my sky
all its shine
take away the dark and the loneliness
for it has always been my side
through morn and night ,
dawn and dusk...
from rains to storms..
and all i wish is just to see it shine ....
every day every night ....
for its my best friend ....
someone who's always besides me ....
someone who reminds me
of everything good ...
and gives me the hope to live.....


Sunday, November 30, 2008


This poem i write
I want it to rhyme
for its just not a poetry
but a part of a heart's desire
a desire to fly a little higher
and feel the sun a little brighter
to win the battle of life
and be a fighter
be strong as stone yet soft like a dream at night
clear as a crystal
yet beautiful as the mountain mist
and to touch the sky
and feel the earth
to reach the milestone of success
yet on friday night nights dance like reatards
get drunk and have fun
still stand stare and admire the beauty
of nature ,kindness and love
learn to love with all i have
to give more and expect less
and have someone to hold my hand
with all the promises
i know he will keep
whose love will be unconditional
and he would not be fictional
a true human with a heart of gold
like the prince grandma told
someone worth to hold in my arms forever
all this i wish to have at once
hope my hopes ain't too high
still everyday i welcome with a smile
although i know world is hard as a tile
but who cares as long as my dreams are alive
and everyday with in me a hope shines
for all my desires to c0me to life ..

................VIDDHI ARORA

Monday, October 13, 2008

for a special friend......A note of Thanks !

for a special friend......A note of Thanks !

Like the morning sun so bright
with full of everything so right
with calmness of the night
everyday filling my heart with pure delight
you came into my life
like the wind of the west ...
bringing new promises and..
new hopes of a new tomorow..
thnx for taking away the hurt and pain ...
thnx for believing in me ..
thnx for making me believe ..
that my broken heart can be whole again .....
thnx for coming into my life ..
like the sunshine after a dark stormy night ...
i feel u can listen to my souls song ..
hear what i cannot say
and believe every word i speak
thnx for everything u did ...for being there ..for standing by...
for stayin when the one's ought to stay left ...
for not giving up when my whole world did ..
when i gave up on my self ..
thnx for all the care and concern ...
n the love and joys u brought in my life ..
i hope you will always be there
All ..through our lives we'll be together ..
like stars and the moon on beautiful night ..
thnx for being a part of my life ....

.....................VIDDHI ARORA

Saturday, September 20, 2008


some time's life messed up.
nothing seems alright.
neither the sunshine's bright.
nor the rain is sweet anymore,
some time's there's a point in life ,
when i find no way ,
am lost somewhere,
don't know where
feel trapped in a dark room
and light's far away...
the darkness seems to
choking me to death...
cannot figure out what right
and what's not
and why the wrong
seemed so right
Questions lingers in my mind..
why the one's ought to stay left
me in the never ending ocean of
pain sorrow and grief ?
no one understands
how it feels to love
and to loose
and then to love again
just to find out ..
all the while
i've been holding one to a dream
that was never mine ....
thats never gonna be true ..
and at that point
all i wish is for someone
who can hold my hand
and stand by forever
who holds me tight
near to his heart ...
and can give surety of everything
am not sure of .....
someone who doesn't promise
to mend my heart ....that was broken..
but to keep all the pieces..with
love and care..
some one i can call mine
all through my life....

....................Viddhi Arora

Tuesday, August 26, 2008



In the morning before.
the sunrise ...
i opened my eyes and .
saw the sky outside..
it was darker than the darkness.
there was no moon.
and no stars shining .
I don;t know why .
felt a strange bond tied ...
The darkness looked familiar.
to my hearts desire ...
The emptiness reminds.
me of my souls loneliness.
But somewhere there ..
a little hope lived .
may be this was the .
darkest hour before dawn.
I could hear the voices say .
This too shall pass ..
For with all the darkness
and emptiness.
A hope resides .
for the break of dawn ..
for a new day to come ..
for a new sun to shine ..
for a new night to come ..
with all the stars and ..
the moon to shine ..
A night of lights ..
so wild and free ....
which i will feel with ..
all my heart and soul....
i wish this is the darkest hour..
before dawn ..
and the break of dawn .
will bring back my lost desires ..
the first ray of sun ..
will take away my loneliness..
and i believe this is the darkest .
hour before the dawn ..
as somewhere in my heart i know ..
the time will change .
for i want my wishes to ..
come true ......
want my dreams to fulfill.
want to the sunrise .
want see the star shine ..
want to see the moon.
in the sky ......

The darkest hour before the dawn..
this too shall passs.......

viddhi arora

Saturday, August 2, 2008



Today here i stand alone ,
with an empty heart and.
eyes full of tears .
Never thought I'll have ,
to go through this,
Never thought that growing
up would mean ......
That I'll have to be lonely
n all the promises are made phonily ..
that'll go through a phase ..
where I'll find no friend to taunt ..
no childhood ghost to haunt ..
only a slow silence to be with ..
and sometimes a walk back
the memory lane..
where everything is simple & plain...
It's like running after a train
which has left already
leaving behind memories of past..
which has passed so fast ..
it's difficult to accept....
the times i spent can
never come back..
i never knew that ..
growing up would be
soo hard !!!!! ....

...........VIDDHI ARORA

Monday, July 28, 2008


For my dearest friend .......for the beautiful memories we created and for times of our togetherness that I'll always miss .....

In my heart lives my pain ..
from which nothing i gain .
for i believed in my dream,
my faith was extreme
because the wrong seemed so right
for the thought of loosing fright
but now the things have changed
the one's i loved are estranged
the greatest fear came true
people ought to stay left
they promised me never let me go
may be they didn't knew
what all i went through
i believed every word they said
fake or real my world they made
but now there's nothing left
my world is shattered
so am i ..............
but to them now i don't matter
there indifference hurts the most
they cant see me my pain
my tears cant hear my cries
the ones who mattered to me ..
to them i don't matter and
the one's who didn't matter
knew all they stood by me
to love m to care .........
but the pain caused
can never be healed
the damaged caused can never be repaired ..
all i can say is THANK YOU!!!
for all the beautiful memories...
which i preserve in my heart
for making me understand
the value of friendship
for me the word FRIEND
has only one meaning YOU !
my love was true
may be the circumstances
not through ....
maybe i was not good
enough to be with you
but my love was true
my friendship was true
n all the memories of our
togetherness i preserve
in my heart .....
For you'll always be
special as you were.......
but what you did is unforgettable ..
may be the mistake was not your's
not even mine .....
may be its just that
life's like that ....
but i'll miss you .....
and hope that u too will ...........miss me ..!!

............VIDDHI ARORA

Saturday, May 31, 2008


This is for someone special ...there was no other way to tell him what he means to ......i wish someday he gets to know this ......................i respect him and i love him .......i feel a strange relation with him ... in fact with everything his smile his laughter his loneliness everything reminds me of a dear one .....

there this old man.
with hair Grey and body tan.
everyday i see him and.
every time i wonder.
about his life's emptiness.
and his soul's loneliness.
sometimes i try to find.
find his lost childishness.
his face brings me .
the memories of past i .
he reminds me of a special person .
i love and miss the most .
sometimes i think .
where his smile n laughter gone .
who has taken away his liveliness.
whether its age n time or .
meanness of the world outside .
often i try to find ...
the lost love in his eyes .
all i get to see is a .
strange sorrow inside.
some unrecognizable .
pain i feel in his heart .
i don't know the reason .
but i feel a connection .
he brings me my cherished memories .
revive my precious past .
but sometimes your .
loneliness and emptiness ..
reminds me of my selfishness .
sometimes i wish i could .
turn back time .
bring back your life .
bring back that shine ..
that used to light up your eyes .
one day i wish i could .
bring back your smile .
you know that day .
would be the happiest .
day of my life .
..................VIDDHI ARORA

Monday, May 26, 2008


BROKEN HEART .....................

Time goes on ...
there is no one i can depend upon,
the ones i trusted ,
the ones i loved ,
were the ones who let me down ,
today, i realized ,
they were never mine ,
they came for a flash of time ,
to return me my smile ,
but i never knew ,
they'll charge me .
a thousand tears .
that i shed from my eyes ,
I cried and cried for relationships .
that dint lasted .
for the friends i lost ,
and the damage it costs.
it took my life.
to repair my heart ,
it became hard n harder .
to carry the burden .
of a heart that was broken badly.
but the head still .
followed it blindly .
soon came the end
when the head bend .
heart sooo shattered .
and its pieces scattered .
eyes cried .
hopes died .
this was the very end
of broken heart
that once smiled
and forever learned a lesson
that never to trust anyone


Wednesday, May 14, 2008


DREAMS , DESIRES , PAIN, HEART....................

Beside you i lay ....
can't see the stars but one day i may ,
darkness of the night ..
i feel in the emptiness of my soul,
In silence of the night i see
my dreams and desires dieing ,
i see my hopes lost ....
and my world shattered ,
No one knew my heart was already tattered,
to anyone nothing mattered,
whether i lived or i died ...
no bonds no strings tied .
all knots n connections broke ...
nothing left the world that binds me .
there's no one who needs me .
left alone with my loneliness.
i live everyday and fight with.
the shadows that haunt me .
Nothing fill my heart .
with the colors of joy .
people played with my heart .
thinking it was a toy .
but it was like a little flower ,
that was crushed ....
before it bloomed and blushed ,
never found anyone ...who could ,
share my pain sorrow and grief ,
someone who could be ,
light of my night ..
and song of my soul ,
oneday the search ended ...
thought someone was there ...
who cared and loved ...
but it took such a less time .
to realize that it was .
a beautiful dream .
i was holding onto .
that i didn't know ....
wont ever come true ..

.......................VIDDHI ARORA

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


MY LOVE $.........

Rainbow shined ..
Flowers smiled ;

and the sun shined brighter ..

my heart grew happier ....
when the beautiful moment came ...

you put your arms around me ...
and held me close
i heard your heard beat
heard your heart beating faster n faster
I felt i was alive ...
this was the most beautiful..

n wonderful gift i can ever get in my life ...
something that filled my soul with pure joy ...
Being with you am a lot more happier than I was ,....
I smile a little more than usual ..
i feel all the more contended,,
please will you promise to be my side ..
to stand by me forever n ever ..
You made my pain, my sorrow ..
my tears fade away ..
and made my life beautiful in a way ..
when you held my hand ;

i felt your warm touch ..
i felt your love something that was so soothing
love that is soo eternal ..
these moments of togetherness ...
the feeling of oneness..
fill my heart with emotions feelings..
n love that i never felt before !!!
The moment yet to come
for which i wait with all
all my faith
for i believe in god
n beleive that some day dreams too come true !!


Sunday, April 27, 2008


.........I guess ...NOOOO $

I was completely shattered
BUT to you that never mattered
so many times i cried
but you never tried ...
tried to know my despair
about small pieces of
my broken heart
about the damage
that never got repair
time never healed my wounds
they got worse day by day
whenever i cried whenever i was sad
neither you cried with me
nor shared my sadness
BUT made me feel all the
more miserable ............
you said you love me
from the bottom of your heart
and you care for me .......
BUT to me it always
seemed limited to
three word "I LOVE YOU "
my soul could never feel the warmth
warmth of your love ....
do i expect alot from you ????????
am i being soo soo unreasonable
I DONT KNOW ...........
all i know that is i love you
and will always do even if you don't ...

......................VIDDHI ARORA

Saturday, April 26, 2008



Everyday i live ....
i pray to god to take
away my pain
to take away my past
take away my failures
my joys n my sorrow
take away everything
that has made me ...
today what i am
and give me a tomorrow
give me that MOMENT
when everything is soo sooo perfect
when there is no shadow no memory
no past no failures that haunts me
that one moment.....
in that beautiful tomorrow
when i don't have tooo...
work hard on being happy
when life seems a bed of roses
and i don't hope before i sleep
to never be able to wake up
when i don't have to face the
harsh reality of life
when i don't have to
go through the pain .........
pain of a broken heart
pain of unfulfilled dreams
and pain of my crushed desire
i await that moment
that'll be my life .........
one moment......
I'll never forget

Wednesday, April 9, 2008



An year or so back .........................................

once walking down the aisle
i met this girl with lots of style
and a magnificent shine in
her beautiful eyes
never knew and still not able to know
which strange strong bond tied us together
slowly form acquaintance to friend
to my bestest friend
how you traveled though
the way to my heart
and became a part of it ..........
just wanted to let you know that
you are an absolute sweet heart
someone i can never forget
one out all my friends
I love the most
i know and am sure
that when we'll be li'l AUNTS
going through ups and downs
busy in our world
we'll still be best of friends
we'll still find time
laugh like retards
till our tummies ache
talk over the phone for hours
share each n every gossip
this strange special bond
will always tie us together
till death do us apart !!!

love you ......muahhhhhh!!!!!

....................VIDDHI ARORA

Thursday, February 28, 2008


LOST !!!!!!$
lost somewhere,
i don't know where ,
sometime the night seems silent and musical .
sometimes the darkness looks like.
shadows of past falling over me,
sometimes i wonder .........
is that the love i see in your eyes,
or a mere reflection of mine .
sometimes why its so hard to believe ,
when someone says I LOVE YOU .
why some times the broken heart ,
wants to love even with .
with the small pieces left .
sometimes i ask my self .
does loving someone means ,
sitting beside them .
but you cant have them .


Tuesday, January 22, 2008



Looking at the sky,
finding the reason why ?
why the stars are lonely ?

why the night seems phony ?
why theres no rely ?
why i cry ?
why i try ?
try to hold,
the feelings never told...

why they come out ,

as tears from my eyes ...
why with tears rolling down my eyes,
my dreams desires die ?
why i still try ?
try to hide ,
my emotion's tide ,
never letting the world know my pain inside ..
for that i don't speak
but what can i do,
when i don't speak,

my eyes say it all ...