Saturday, August 2, 2008



Today here i stand alone ,
with an empty heart and.
eyes full of tears .
Never thought I'll have ,
to go through this,
Never thought that growing
up would mean ......
That I'll have to be lonely
n all the promises are made phonily ..
that'll go through a phase ..
where I'll find no friend to taunt ..
no childhood ghost to haunt ..
only a slow silence to be with ..
and sometimes a walk back
the memory lane..
where everything is simple & plain...
It's like running after a train
which has left already
leaving behind memories of past..
which has passed so fast ..
it's difficult to accept....
the times i spent can
never come back..
i never knew that ..
growing up would be
soo hard !!!!! ....

...........VIDDHI ARORA

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Anonymous said...

tooooooooooooooo gudd!!!!!!!!