Tuesday, August 26, 2008



In the morning before.
the sunrise ...
i opened my eyes and .
saw the sky outside..
it was darker than the darkness.
there was no moon.
and no stars shining .
I don;t know why .
felt a strange bond tied ...
The darkness looked familiar.
to my hearts desire ...
The emptiness reminds.
me of my souls loneliness.
But somewhere there ..
a little hope lived .
may be this was the .
darkest hour before dawn.
I could hear the voices say .
This too shall pass ..
For with all the darkness
and emptiness.
A hope resides .
for the break of dawn ..
for a new day to come ..
for a new sun to shine ..
for a new night to come ..
with all the stars and ..
the moon to shine ..
A night of lights ..
so wild and free ....
which i will feel with ..
all my heart and soul....
i wish this is the darkest hour..
before dawn ..
and the break of dawn .
will bring back my lost desires ..
the first ray of sun ..
will take away my loneliness..
and i believe this is the darkest .
hour before the dawn ..
as somewhere in my heart i know ..
the time will change .
for i want my wishes to ..
come true ......
want my dreams to fulfill.
want to the sunrise .
want see the star shine ..
want to see the moon.
in the sky ......

The darkest hour before the dawn..
this too shall passs.......

viddhi arora

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