Monday, July 4, 2011


"mysterious overmastering is the power of fate,
From this, nor wealth nor force of arms
nor strong encircling city walls
nor storm tossed ship can give deliverance ."
-Sophocles (Antigone)

I am scared, not because am incapable but because so much is in destiny's hand.
Life and times change you. You start believing in things you never did.
But i know destiny and hard work go hand in hand ,
because its real life not a Greek tragedy!

on a happier NOTE :-

Here's my tattoo , in public for the first time , Since both my parents now know about it.(I told mom the same day i got it done. I told dad that its temporary. Since a lot of time has passed and it did not go away so dad is now used to it. He has resigned to the fact that his girl is a li'l out of control :P)

i got it done one 3rd December 2010

In the process.

First look.

After 2 days.

i really like it. Its simple and suave.
i thought of those Celtic art and anagrams and stuff ..did a lot research too but in the i know i wanted something that wouldn't look foolish when i grow old. something that doesn't match my personality. This fits the bill. hope you guys like it too.