Saturday, May 31, 2008


This is for someone special ...there was no other way to tell him what he means to ......i wish someday he gets to know this ......................i respect him and i love him .......i feel a strange relation with him ... in fact with everything his smile his laughter his loneliness everything reminds me of a dear one .....

there this old man.
with hair Grey and body tan.
everyday i see him and.
every time i wonder.
about his life's emptiness.
and his soul's loneliness.
sometimes i try to find.
find his lost childishness.
his face brings me .
the memories of past i .
he reminds me of a special person .
i love and miss the most .
sometimes i think .
where his smile n laughter gone .
who has taken away his liveliness.
whether its age n time or .
meanness of the world outside .
often i try to find ...
the lost love in his eyes .
all i get to see is a .
strange sorrow inside.
some unrecognizable .
pain i feel in his heart .
i don't know the reason .
but i feel a connection .
he brings me my cherished memories .
revive my precious past .
but sometimes your .
loneliness and emptiness ..
reminds me of my selfishness .
sometimes i wish i could .
turn back time .
bring back your life .
bring back that shine ..
that used to light up your eyes .
one day i wish i could .
bring back your smile .
you know that day .
would be the happiest .
day of my life .
..................VIDDHI ARORA

Monday, May 26, 2008


BROKEN HEART .....................

Time goes on ...
there is no one i can depend upon,
the ones i trusted ,
the ones i loved ,
were the ones who let me down ,
today, i realized ,
they were never mine ,
they came for a flash of time ,
to return me my smile ,
but i never knew ,
they'll charge me .
a thousand tears .
that i shed from my eyes ,
I cried and cried for relationships .
that dint lasted .
for the friends i lost ,
and the damage it costs.
it took my life.
to repair my heart ,
it became hard n harder .
to carry the burden .
of a heart that was broken badly.
but the head still .
followed it blindly .
soon came the end
when the head bend .
heart sooo shattered .
and its pieces scattered .
eyes cried .
hopes died .
this was the very end
of broken heart
that once smiled
and forever learned a lesson
that never to trust anyone


Wednesday, May 14, 2008


DREAMS , DESIRES , PAIN, HEART....................

Beside you i lay ....
can't see the stars but one day i may ,
darkness of the night ..
i feel in the emptiness of my soul,
In silence of the night i see
my dreams and desires dieing ,
i see my hopes lost ....
and my world shattered ,
No one knew my heart was already tattered,
to anyone nothing mattered,
whether i lived or i died ...
no bonds no strings tied .
all knots n connections broke ...
nothing left the world that binds me .
there's no one who needs me .
left alone with my loneliness.
i live everyday and fight with.
the shadows that haunt me .
Nothing fill my heart .
with the colors of joy .
people played with my heart .
thinking it was a toy .
but it was like a little flower ,
that was crushed ....
before it bloomed and blushed ,
never found anyone ...who could ,
share my pain sorrow and grief ,
someone who could be ,
light of my night ..
and song of my soul ,
oneday the search ended ...
thought someone was there ...
who cared and loved ...
but it took such a less time .
to realize that it was .
a beautiful dream .
i was holding onto .
that i didn't know ....
wont ever come true ..

.......................VIDDHI ARORA

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


MY LOVE $.........

Rainbow shined ..
Flowers smiled ;

and the sun shined brighter ..

my heart grew happier ....
when the beautiful moment came ...

you put your arms around me ...
and held me close
i heard your heard beat
heard your heart beating faster n faster
I felt i was alive ...
this was the most beautiful..

n wonderful gift i can ever get in my life ...
something that filled my soul with pure joy ...
Being with you am a lot more happier than I was ,....
I smile a little more than usual ..
i feel all the more contended,,
please will you promise to be my side ..
to stand by me forever n ever ..
You made my pain, my sorrow ..
my tears fade away ..
and made my life beautiful in a way ..
when you held my hand ;

i felt your warm touch ..
i felt your love something that was so soothing
love that is soo eternal ..
these moments of togetherness ...
the feeling of oneness..
fill my heart with emotions feelings..
n love that i never felt before !!!
The moment yet to come
for which i wait with all
all my faith
for i believe in god
n beleive that some day dreams too come true !!