Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Before i turn 18

before i turn 18
A note of Apology...

From the past few days I’ve been thinking ……about a lot of things...and a lot of people and I realized that I have been rude , bad ,sarcastic and I hurt a lot people sometimes intentionally some times unintentionally …..

I sincerely would like to apologize to all the people whom I have hurt….intentionally / unintentionally especially the one’s I love or I loved..Or I don’t love …..

I never wanted to …but sometimes am not able to handle certain situations and I can be a little troublesome….

I hope at least some of them read this and should know that I realize – that I have made some mistakes ..i have hurt a lot people and I have been a real bad girl (not all the time though !)

I know those words can’t be taken back or those deeds can’t be undone but yes I can be forgiven for now I realize my mistakes…..

So this was the best time to say that am Sorry and also - that yes i truly care ! ... tomorrow is my 18th BIRTHDAY after all …J .. !

P.S - Other birthday special posts will be coming up soon !