Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Before i turn 18

before i turn 18
A note of Apology...

From the past few days I’ve been thinking ……about a lot of things...and a lot of people and I realized that I have been rude , bad ,sarcastic and I hurt a lot people sometimes intentionally some times unintentionally …..

I sincerely would like to apologize to all the people whom I have hurt….intentionally / unintentionally especially the one’s I love or I loved..Or I don’t love …..

I never wanted to …but sometimes am not able to handle certain situations and I can be a little troublesome….

I hope at least some of them read this and should know that I realize – that I have made some mistakes ..i have hurt a lot people and I have been a real bad girl (not all the time though !)

I know those words can’t be taken back or those deeds can’t be undone but yes I can be forgiven for now I realize my mistakes…..

So this was the best time to say that am Sorry and also - that yes i truly care ! ... tomorrow is my 18th BIRTHDAY after all …J .. !

P.S - Other birthday special posts will be coming up soon !


Sumit Sarkar said...

Very beautiful poems Viddhi... :)
and I know the feeling when you hurt someone especially when they are your loved ones. I have committed a lot of mistakes myself, though these mistakes were committed during my college days...

viddhi said...

hm.. even m in college..i think it happens it ..happens with all of us .. and i think there going to be plenty of them more... this is just the beginning ..

Glad that u liked the poems.. thanx :) !
have a nice DAY

mairmusic said...

Lovely poems-- happy birthday to you!

blindedlocations said...

hey i wud like to wish u a vbery happy birthday vidhi!!!though i know i m late :/...hey anyways i like the confessions u made :)

Eye-shuh said...

Aw, I love the writing, thanks for following and visiting :) Ill follow back! I like your blog here!

Lovely little letter as well, I like that. its nice <3


Anoop KR said...

Hey Hi,
first of all, thanks for droppin by.. n commenting.. :D

second, i liked the poems.. ;) n many many happy returns of the day..

viddhi said...

@ mairmusic :: thanks alot !

@ blindedlocations :: thanks a lot ..! and no ur not late..perfectly on time ! :)

@ Isha :: thanks gurl ! hope to see you around !

@ Anoop :: thanks alot !

Ankit said...

Don't worry !!
I forgive you !!!

lol !!!

tnsn nahin lene ka !!!

There is nothing like right or wrong in this world
u know why ??
Coz whenever we do something its always correct from a viewpoint !!!
nyhow, leave it its a heavy funda !!!

and waise bhi the people who truly share a relation with you will never mind your behavior and will understand
and those who don't
are not worth it !!!

Happy Blogging and take care !!!

viddhi said...

ankit bhaiya :: u r absolutely right ! :)

WordsPoeticallyWorth said...

Many returns of the day, regardless of it's passing.

You write beautifully, and I particularly enjoyed your sentiments - and your poems.

You sound like a beautiful person, and we all have misgivings (I'm presupposing, which is logical).

Thank you. Take wonderful and gentle care. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

viddhi said...


SF-1 said...

Some people truly are brought together coincidently... I just noticed something.. and realized... the more I try to forget, the more my past clings on to me. It does come in front of me in one form or another. I know it may not make any sense to you, but it does make a lot of sense to me. This, indeed, is a special blog entry.

Good that you acknowledged that you had been rude un-necessarily and good that you apologized. For those whom you matter would forgive you and those who won't forgive, are just waiting for a perfect time to show you that they don't care.