Saturday, December 5, 2009


words unspoken
emotions unexpressed
thoughts and ideas
Nothing is left of me
nothing will remain
unequivocally a
paraphernalia i lacked
No love ,
only the anguish i embraced
i hide my pain from my self
and reveal it only to myself
at a certain point you lost touch
with me ....
my letters to you
were the unopened envelopes
and words unread
I told you to always be my side
But somehow
i went far away from you
to a distant land
i never realized
it wasn't where i belonged
it was not my fairytale
It was just a dream
that i saw with open eyes
and you were my "reality" ........
and i went far away from you .....

.................VIDDHI ARORA

Monday, October 12, 2009



In this world there's love and hate
sometimes between love there hate
sometimes between hate there's love
some people hate to love
some people love to hate
and in all this there are people
who cannot love and cannot
strange are there relations
no hate no love
yet some feelings undefined
stay somewhere in there heart
what they love they cannot share
what hate they cannot tell
because these feelings are for them to
understand themselves
in love there's we n us
in hate there's i , me n you..
and in all this muddle no time to cuddle
in a strange directions are
relation are heading
in all this turmoil of love
and hate ...
nothing but lost is love ...


Story close to my heart

A beautiful story told
when i was 5 yrs old
but a part of it was untold
about a thing that cannot be bought or sold
something for me to understand
something for me to know myself
but now i got to know what it's
real meaning was ...
now years after
a sense of similarity dwells
between you me and our lives
now i know the reason why
the door to heaven was never found
in spite of the endless efforts of
old man ..something impossible to count
now when i see your photograph on my table
and think about the way are live are
i can imagine the old man as u
searching for the lost happiness
lost comfort of love
i can see you searching for the
same door
and the same happiness
that i see while holding me in
you r arms
telling tale of your life time
and still i can remember your pain
the pain of loosing
what you loved the most
In my heart i know
the door you were searching for
but the futile search
always ended in pain, sadness and tears
be yours ,mine or our dear ones
but all i want to say
you are always here in with me
and i believe with you by my side
i can overcome highest of tides
no matter how far you are
but you near to my heart
and always living in my memories
and my thoughts .........

................VIDDHI ARORA

Sunday, August 30, 2009



Time goes on ..
days hours minute and second ...
that passes ..
it adds a little more burden of
some good and some bad memories
some bitter some beautiful memories
some sorrows guilt and insecurities
all this i carry ....
with a smile on my face
i hide all this and more
and all these tears that prevent
my eyes to see the moonlight
and feel the sunshine
sometimes feel the need of someone
to confide in ..
A pull ..that can pull me out
out of this turmoil of emotions
that i fail to understand
that kill me inside
but slowly and slowly
nothing stays the same
nothing stays forever
people say but never stay together
sometimes i feel
together and forever have lost their this harsh reality
time changes everything
it can separate bonds of love
and ties of blood
all wound it can heal
but what about those which time gives
these are the ones that hurts the most ...


Monday, July 27, 2009



Aimless wanderer i might be
someday I'll find my way may be
i walk alone
singing the song of melancholy
and carrying the load of my desires born out of my despair
weaving my words and setting them free
is all what i do
an aimless wanderer i might be
someday i'll find my way
my destination
it wont be somewhere
my destiny takes me
it'll be somewhere i decide
one day the journey will end
aimless wanderer will
no longer be alive
graveyard her final destination will be
fathoms deep inside the soil
her thoughts her words
will be burried
after years n years
her flesh will rott
but her spirit will always be that
of an aimless wanderer"

...............VIDDHI ARORA

Tuesday, May 5, 2009



sometimes i feel

the need to sit back think

think about the things that happened

and things which dint

think about people i love

and the people i lost

think about my fears

and things that scare

and the memories that are

somewhere burried in my heart

think about the times

when am short of

dreams desires and hopes

think about the times

when in my heart i know

am soo alone

when i know there's no one

no one to stand besides

to hold my hand

and to leas me to light

and then i realised

all through my life

there has been no one

but in my heart

i know i have always

longed for someone

but everyone i cared for

are now somehow estranged

memories good or bad

all of them hurts

and what hurts the most

is the fact that i can't

get away from them ........


Friday, May 1, 2009



there was a time i lived
there was a smile across my face
there were people i knew
but slowly i lost them all
some separated by time
some by distances
mistake was not mine not even theirs
now i dont know anyone
no one knows me
people once mine
are now estranged
now am lost in this world
every second i breath
but a part of me is dead
everyday i live
but no longer feel alive
now there's no escape
from darkness i feel inside
somethings some past i had
it kills me inside
everyday i live
but no longer feel alive
now there's no escape...

....................VIDDHI ARORA

Saturday, January 10, 2009

My heart still beats............

My heart still beats............

In my eyes there,
was a dream...
A dream as
beautiful as the
morning sunrise
full f hopes & shine
But it died ...
a death so unexpected..
Rather it was killed
on a wintry night so chilled...
my only desire was
for that dream to come to life
it shook my faith , my trust..
They were not just some feelings
from my heart's crust
It was what i felt deep down inside
all this i felt only for him
My heart was once broken
he promised to mend it ...
i trusted him with that
he took away...
it was almost mend
no hurt no pain ..left.....
but then he threw it away
somewhere still it clings to him
I know it hurted him someway...
the night i could feel
it in his voice...
but now what would i
do...with this life..
when all my dreams died...
heart lost and soul's empty..
with this loneliness
every second pasts ....
and a part of my hopes are lost..
may be this is what was destined,,
may be all the good i did in my life
for that this was a prize..
some moments and memories...with him...
but somewhere i fall short of good i did in my life.....
the day you left......i wish...
i was good enough to be with you ....
the memories the moments we shared..
are still lived by me ....
am still here standing...
for him i wait ..
am always there for him....
no matter if he left me .... !
my heart still beats for him.....
beats because of him..