Sunday, August 30, 2009



Time goes on ..
days hours minute and second ...
that passes ..
it adds a little more burden of
some good and some bad memories
some bitter some beautiful memories
some sorrows guilt and insecurities
all this i carry ....
with a smile on my face
i hide all this and more
and all these tears that prevent
my eyes to see the moonlight
and feel the sunshine
sometimes feel the need of someone
to confide in ..
A pull ..that can pull me out
out of this turmoil of emotions
that i fail to understand
that kill me inside
but slowly and slowly
nothing stays the same
nothing stays forever
people say but never stay together
sometimes i feel
together and forever have lost their this harsh reality
time changes everything
it can separate bonds of love
and ties of blood
all wound it can heal
but what about those which time gives
these are the ones that hurts the most ...


1 comment:

pUnKy said...

U DiD iCe wOrK WIH uR bLoG....!
i LoVeD It...!!
Bt iNmEsE mErElIe kOnSi h.???

Ur bLoG iS aWsOmE....!