Monday, October 12, 2009



In this world there's love and hate
sometimes between love there hate
sometimes between hate there's love
some people hate to love
some people love to hate
and in all this there are people
who cannot love and cannot
strange are there relations
no hate no love
yet some feelings undefined
stay somewhere in there heart
what they love they cannot share
what hate they cannot tell
because these feelings are for them to
understand themselves
in love there's we n us
in hate there's i , me n you..
and in all this muddle no time to cuddle
in a strange directions are
relation are heading
in all this turmoil of love
and hate ...
nothing but lost is love ...


Story close to my heart

A beautiful story told
when i was 5 yrs old
but a part of it was untold
about a thing that cannot be bought or sold
something for me to understand
something for me to know myself
but now i got to know what it's
real meaning was ...
now years after
a sense of similarity dwells
between you me and our lives
now i know the reason why
the door to heaven was never found
in spite of the endless efforts of
old man ..something impossible to count
now when i see your photograph on my table
and think about the way are live are
i can imagine the old man as u
searching for the lost happiness
lost comfort of love
i can see you searching for the
same door
and the same happiness
that i see while holding me in
you r arms
telling tale of your life time
and still i can remember your pain
the pain of loosing
what you loved the most
In my heart i know
the door you were searching for
but the futile search
always ended in pain, sadness and tears
be yours ,mine or our dear ones
but all i want to say
you are always here in with me
and i believe with you by my side
i can overcome highest of tides
no matter how far you are
but you near to my heart
and always living in my memories
and my thoughts .........

................VIDDHI ARORA