Thursday, December 18, 2008


In the midst of night
i can see the sky outside
so deep so dark.
it seems it has lost its spark
spark of the pride
of the morning sunshine.
but now a loneliness
overbears it..
never does it say
never does it complain
for the emptiness
no moon no star shining...
every time i look at it
i can feel the pain ...
The pain of loosing someone
there was one mine now estranged
like the stars left the sky so strange !
still never does it dare to
to second Almighty's notion
but i do.........wish to know
why all the pain..
in my share..
the reasons...
i have been punished for ....
can just ask for one thing
just to take the pain away
take the memories good or bad away..
else all i
to give back my sky
all its shine
take away the dark and the loneliness
for it has always been my side
through morn and night ,
dawn and dusk...
from rains to storms..
and all i wish is just to see it shine ....
every day every night ....
for its my best friend ....
someone who's always besides me ....
someone who reminds me
of everything good ...
and gives me the hope to live.....