Monday, May 26, 2008


BROKEN HEART .....................

Time goes on ...
there is no one i can depend upon,
the ones i trusted ,
the ones i loved ,
were the ones who let me down ,
today, i realized ,
they were never mine ,
they came for a flash of time ,
to return me my smile ,
but i never knew ,
they'll charge me .
a thousand tears .
that i shed from my eyes ,
I cried and cried for relationships .
that dint lasted .
for the friends i lost ,
and the damage it costs.
it took my life.
to repair my heart ,
it became hard n harder .
to carry the burden .
of a heart that was broken badly.
but the head still .
followed it blindly .
soon came the end
when the head bend .
heart sooo shattered .
and its pieces scattered .
eyes cried .
hopes died .
this was the very end
of broken heart
that once smiled
and forever learned a lesson
that never to trust anyone