Sunday, November 30, 2008


This poem i write
I want it to rhyme
for its just not a poetry
but a part of a heart's desire
a desire to fly a little higher
and feel the sun a little brighter
to win the battle of life
and be a fighter
be strong as stone yet soft like a dream at night
clear as a crystal
yet beautiful as the mountain mist
and to touch the sky
and feel the earth
to reach the milestone of success
yet on friday night nights dance like reatards
get drunk and have fun
still stand stare and admire the beauty
of nature ,kindness and love
learn to love with all i have
to give more and expect less
and have someone to hold my hand
with all the promises
i know he will keep
whose love will be unconditional
and he would not be fictional
a true human with a heart of gold
like the prince grandma told
someone worth to hold in my arms forever
all this i wish to have at once
hope my hopes ain't too high
still everyday i welcome with a smile
although i know world is hard as a tile
but who cares as long as my dreams are alive
and everyday with in me a hope shines
for all my desires to c0me to life ..

................VIDDHI ARORA