Saturday, September 20, 2008


some time's life messed up.
nothing seems alright.
neither the sunshine's bright.
nor the rain is sweet anymore,
some time's there's a point in life ,
when i find no way ,
am lost somewhere,
don't know where
feel trapped in a dark room
and light's far away...
the darkness seems to
choking me to death...
cannot figure out what right
and what's not
and why the wrong
seemed so right
Questions lingers in my mind..
why the one's ought to stay left
me in the never ending ocean of
pain sorrow and grief ?
no one understands
how it feels to love
and to loose
and then to love again
just to find out ..
all the while
i've been holding one to a dream
that was never mine ....
thats never gonna be true ..
and at that point
all i wish is for someone
who can hold my hand
and stand by forever
who holds me tight
near to his heart ...
and can give surety of everything
am not sure of .....
someone who doesn't promise
to mend my heart ....that was broken..
but to keep all the pieces..with
love and care..
some one i can call mine
all through my life....

....................Viddhi Arora