Friday, June 25, 2010


official announcement~


is no longer just a "POETRY" blog ......

it will now have bits from my life ....bits of my imagination....bits of my thoughts .......

the change has been made in order to keep the blog alive ..since now i don't post all of my poetry ....and the need to be a li'l more expressive as some of my freinds complain ..... so here it is .....


so finally, changed...

the new, the better... :)

hopefully ... !

...........viddhi arora

Monday, June 14, 2010



Dark wintry night
too foggy outside
still she went
to the river bank....

Every night she awaits
his return...
or just a piece of word from him....
at very same place where he left her..
with promises of his return
she waits , she waits till the midnight..
till the time her lamps burn out
till the time her hopes die..
and then she goes back
with her heart full of pain
she stays up all night
remembering the old times
sitting in an empty room
where only her
longing to feel love lurks
loved by him ...
sometimes she cries
all the time she hides
her feelings and her true desires
she smiles through her pain
she smiles through her tears
she smiles and she laughs
as if nothing's wrong
all day long
for the one's she loves
and for the one's who love her
and as the night approaches
she revives her hope and
rekindle the fire...
and gathers all her
courage and strength
to go to the bank again
and go through the same old pain

Sometimes he sends a letter
some love wrapped in it
but somehow a strange pain
she feels ...
in the words of the letter sent
not her own
but of the one she loves
she tries to find
tries to search the reasons
of this never ending pain
but the search is always futile
because he is far far away ..thousands of mile..
sometimes all she wants to do is hold him tight
take all the pain away
sometimes she feels she lacks somewhere
and she feels he completes her
and for now and forever
all she wants is his happiness....

...........VIDDHI ARORA