Thursday, September 1, 2011


To :- Me , Sancha , our similiar situations and friendship .
beautiful rainy weather and Cannaught place.
being single and having no place to go on a mass bunk day.(when everyone meets their bf)
KFC zing Kong box and not being broke .

Life changes completely .We learn to smile at life's randomness and our silliness . somethings we let go , some we hold on to . The most important part is not to blame people but be thankful for the new person you are , all that you have learned and your present that is because of your past.

In the end we will realize whatever happened ..happened ! it was all a part of life ..when things happen too fast ..when your find it hard to understand it all ..just remember knowledge of somethings , the clarity and wisdom always comes in contemplation and retrospect . you just have to wait , let it happen and sometimes let go.

This is what i could make out of our conversation "that" day .
I've been meaning to post it for a very long time ..but couldn't due to unavoidable circumstances.