Thursday, September 1, 2011


To :- Me , Sancha , our similiar situations and friendship .
beautiful rainy weather and Cannaught place.
being single and having no place to go on a mass bunk day.(when everyone meets their bf)
KFC zing Kong box and not being broke .

Life changes completely .We learn to smile at life's randomness and our silliness . somethings we let go , some we hold on to . The most important part is not to blame people but be thankful for the new person you are , all that you have learned and your present that is because of your past.

In the end we will realize whatever happened ..happened ! it was all a part of life ..when things happen too fast ..when your find it hard to understand it all ..just remember knowledge of somethings , the clarity and wisdom always comes in contemplation and retrospect . you just have to wait , let it happen and sometimes let go.

This is what i could make out of our conversation "that" day .
I've been meaning to post it for a very long time ..but couldn't due to unavoidable circumstances.


kritika said...

i superlike thisss :) :)all of this is sooo meaningful and absolutely true :)

Rachit said...

for long I shared the similar thoughts and than I met her :)

Weakest LINK

Karan Agrawal said...

Life is something that happens to you when you are busy planning for something else in life!

Enjoy the very every moment! Your memories would be as beautiful as you make your present!

Arpit Rastogi said...

Amrit Vaani. :)

Dhanya ho gaye prabhu aapke pravachan sunke.. :)

Chintan said...

i read the poem about your grandfather and really liked it...

ps: i would appreciate if you can please change the font and colors on your blog, i had a hard time reading :(

viddhi said...

chintan ::

thanks !!

good to see you here !

yeah i'll change it in a few days !

thanks for dropping by , would like to see you again ! :)

viddhi said...

@ rachit ! oh ! cool enough1 :)

viddhi said...

@ arpit ::

shukriya shukriya !
ye toh sab reader log ka pyaar hai jo likhne pe majboor kardete hai nhi toh hum ..satya vachan ..kahaan ??

viddhi said...

@ karan :: thanks !

viddhi said...

@ kittu :: thanks alot ! :)

Pesto Sauce said...

Life is all fun, only we should know how to live it

Ankit said...

O Viddhi !

Thoda sa complex hai !!

Need time to assess this one !!
will come back soon and comment again !!
this one is just to let you know I have read it !!

Till then

Happy Blogging and take care !!

Ankit said...

Okay I agree !!
but according to me most important part is not to blame people but to make them realize what they have done to you !!
whatever anyone may say but it does bring a sense of satisfaction !!

baaki sab to satya vachan hai !!

Happy blogging and take care !!

Anonymous said...

" the clarity and wisdom always comes in contemplation and retrospect".... A valuable thought...

Experience is always the best the best teacher. Take Care.

SF-1 said...

What a wonderful positive way to think about lyf. I have already started to realize this.

Jack said...


Very philosophical and practical too.

Take care

PS : Left comment on previous one also as I caught up with pending posts. No visit?

viddhi said...

@ pesto sauce :: TRUE :)

@ ankit bhaiya :: it does bring a sense of satisfaction but some people never realize, so the best way is to let go .

viddhi said...

juxtapostion :: thank you ! :)

viddhi said...

SF-1 :: true. hope you continue to think this way .

viddhi said...

Jack :: yeah. practical and practical at the same time ! thanks :)

Prathi said...
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