Friday, October 7, 2011


Getting louder and louder
those distant cries
Ruin..their ruin is it ?
they are coming closer
I can't breathe.

I have seen worlds
different worlds
i hear the same cries
they are coming closer .
i feel scared.

Happiness is it so difficult ?
running people i see ,
to where i try to find ?
pain is all i see ..
all i feel ..everywhere...
rest, i cannot see.

Those cries are in me
they are not minr
but dwell in the insides
slowly ..
do they bring my ruin ?
I don't know.

Is this dark really dark ?
or just shadows of past .
shadows...are they really ?
or just illusions my mind creates
are they really mine?
I am lost.



SF-1 said...

This seems to be so true... I can connect to it's every verse. I really wonder what makes you write such true poems. What goes on inside you when you write these? Probably you have seen lyf more closely than me and you understand it more accurately. Its so dark out here and I am afraid... Its the darkest hour of the night and probably the most enlightening one too!!!

I really hope these verses are just from an inspiration rather than personal experiences...

Rachit said...

they are just your illusions.. live them for an instant and then sail away.. 'coz illusions must be kept at bay in the real world.. cherish the past but live the present :)

Weakest LINK

Juxta said...

Nice. I hope you are not lost anymore. Shadows are just that, they will disappear. :)

I have changed my blog site. Do visit me at the new place.


viddhi said...

@ juxta :: lost -not really.

m discovering and find new dimensions of my existence.

yes, i would definitely visit you . soon !

thanks for dropping by! :)

viddhi said...

@ rachit :: TRUE :)

but sometimes its hard to differentiate between reality and illusions.

thanks for the comment ! :)

viddhi said...

@ SF-1 :: thanks :) your comments make my day.

most of my poems are part of my experiences.
glad that you like and can connect to my poetry .. that's what my poems aim to achieve ! :)


..illusions are not made for real... they're simply fruits of creative thinking.. at times we tend to rely on 'em to escape reality... at times to soothe a pleasure... definitely your life's more lighter than what you wrote here... i used to be in the same place before so i must understand the feel of this! pleasingly dark my friend!(:

Hope all is well with you!(:

Take care!


Jack said...



I will come back to read pending posts later. How I wish I could send an e-card!

Take care

SF-1 said...

Hey Jack.. I am guessing it is time for us to sing Happy Birthday Song...

Happy Birthday Viddhi !!!
Time to make a silent wish... now blow the candles. Clap Clap Clap !!!

I am so jealous of you.. you still are in the magical numbers or age.

Jack said...


This shows pain felt on seeing suffering of others which makes one feel at a loss as to why does this happen.

Take care

Arpit Rastogi said...

Intense as always!!! :)

Liked it.. :)

& now waiting for your b'day post.. :)

SF-1 said...

Last year it was pre-birthday post.. this time, I think it's gonna be a post-birthday blog... more of an experience from the past year.

Me too waiting for that post !!!

Vyankatesh said...

Introspective words!!

Vyankatesh said...
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Ankit said...

This one is true Viddhi-ism !!!

Beautiful, Awesum, Jhakass and ofcourse deep !!

Loved it !!!

This one is my second best,
Can feel this one !!!

Happy Blogging and take care !!!

viddhi said...

@vyankatesh :: thank you ! :)

hope to see you again ! :)

viddhi said...

@ ankit bhaiya :: so finally you have commented ..i've been waiting for it since a long time ..

thank you so much for your appreciation really means a lot .. which one is your favourite ? O_o

Ankit said...

My favourite is 'Darkest Hour Before Dawn' posted on 26th August, 2008.

Its something which reminds me of some of the tough emotionally challenging times of my Life.

and hmm lifez very hectic these days,
there are some things to be sorted out in life which are on priority list so giving time to them, also my Laptop is giving problem since last 1 month so I am in a sort of Hibernation mode these days form the electronic social world.

But dnt worry I'll be back and with a BANG !!

When ??

Probably in the new year !!!

Till then expect some delay in comments !!!

For you Happy Blogging and take care and keep writing I read your each and every post its just sometimes I dnt have time to Comment !!


Rohit said...

just stumbled upon ur blog
nice pure and simple thoughts
This poem is nice too,
I wrote one on similar theme
precious pearls