Thursday, February 24, 2011

No, i don't want to be a queen..
i don't want to rule ,
all i need is a world of my own .

where ,i can go steal the ink,
write my own dreams
and carve my reality out of them.

No, i don't want a life
without shallows and miseries ,
all i need is the courage to carry on.

which never lets me put myself down
helps me to move on ,
and saves me from myself .

No, not that i don't want to live
but death has seized to scare me
all i need is someone to make me believe .

that makes me stronger
helps me survive
and tells me that there is someone loving me .
...Viddhi Arora


Tuesday, February 1, 2011



Dark and light
two phases of life
none of them lasts forever
they come and go
dawn full of hopes
a dreamers delight
but dusk is just a lonely sight
The last rays of sun gives way
to darkness of the night
hearts may break
dreams may shatter
in sleepless eyes
but in the end its a part of life
it goes on
be strong be careful
its a long journey , a long way
some thorns you may not see
some devils in disguise
you may not recognize
pain of your heart -always hide
for everyone has to fight their own fight
night is not the time
to find lost the lost meanings ..
for darkness lets
no one find its way easily
give someone some love
rest they suck out on their own
cold and empty
feeling in heart
and some efforts
to build yourself again
suddenly that past comes in your way
to scare ..belittle you
try and believe in yourself
try to embrace that first ray of sunlight
the ray of hope
initially it will hurt
but don't be scared
just believe
that you can stand again
don't stop ..just believe
for its just a passing phase
and sooner or later it will pass.


p.s :- my last post was my 50th post YEY ! congratulate me :P