Thursday, June 23, 2011


Nothing so dear as this nothing,
nothing yet everything..

Can words define what
heart can feel ?

Those unanswered questions
they don't mean anything .

When i know i have you for now.
future seems nothing.

i fear to loose you,
but i know it is on a journey .

From being nothing to everything,
one day it it will pass into nothing.

Tears and memories is all that will
be left.


Thursday, June 16, 2011

She moves about
in the thorny wilderness
she is running away
the path is long
almost never ending.
Thorns is what that passed her
Thorns are what that are laid in her way
Bruised bleeding she still runs
her voice echoes wildly
dismissed as a fit of delirium
by the flowers and the floss
the dark little nymphs
the soul of the sky ..
by soul of the era gone by
they sleep unperturbed
the truth only she tries to see
through the misty eyes
her vision is not clear
but her aims are
direction is lost
but not her determination
some say she will make it....
some say she won't
she never says a word..
only gazes at the peak
where she has to reach
but when she sees the height
the steep slopes
she gets scared
of falling , of failing
failing is not
the only scary thought
but fear of failure
scares too...


Friday, June 10, 2011

Dairy entry post :-D


viddhi dances the exam over dance yey!! :-D

finally over.
much relieved and happy.

i went to Nizams,C.p... today for a friends pending birthday Treat.

i still think khan chacha is better.

came home ..met more friends....

tomorow i meet Prerna , Arpit and Ayush.

Me and Ayush are friends again .
i thought i was being overly prejudiced and i realized my vanity needs a check sometimes.

i will loose weight and read more in the days to come. write more too.

From tomorrow i will start jogging, not WALKING, jogging.

thats all for now bi !
good night.