Friday, June 10, 2011

Dairy entry post :-D


viddhi dances the exam over dance yey!! :-D

finally over.
much relieved and happy.

i went to Nizams,C.p... today for a friends pending birthday Treat.

i still think khan chacha is better.

came home ..met more friends....

tomorow i meet Prerna , Arpit and Ayush.

Me and Ayush are friends again .
i thought i was being overly prejudiced and i realized my vanity needs a check sometimes.

i will loose weight and read more in the days to come. write more too.

From tomorrow i will start jogging, not WALKING, jogging.

thats all for now bi !
good night.


Jack said...


Nice to see you had enjoyable time. Hope your friendship with Ayush is good. Best of luck for losing weight by jogging. Hope you keep it up. While jogging do so on toes and not on flat foot.

Take care

PS : No visit?

Arpit Rastogi said...

ha ha ha.. :)

I am just smiling.. :)

Happy for you.. :)

Keep it up!!!

balle-balle exams are over.. yay!!! :D

Enjoy.. :)

Ankit said...

oye waah ji waah e banni na gal !!

this is what i calal a cheerful post !


Enjoy and do full tafri for these are the days to enjoy !!!

Happy Blogging and take care !!!!

Rajlakshmi said...

you are having lot of fun huh :D enjoy :)

Anonymous said...

THX for sharing

viddhi said...

@ jack :: thanks for the best wishes.

i will definitely make sure that i jog on my toes. thanks.

and the visit is on its way :-)

viddhi said...

@ arpit :: thank you :-)

you too enjoy

and take care !!

viddhi said...

@ ankit bhaiya ::


sukriya ... apki good wishes ka result hai .. :-)

you too take care !

viddhi said...

@ rajlakshmi ::

yeps :-)

thanks for dropping by !

Bikramjit said...

came here from Arpits blog.. HOME coming is always lovely and meeting all old friends is nostalgic... SO how is Jogging going on .. :)