Friday, May 27, 2011



Whatever happens happens for a reason. Is it always like that ?

Can't somethings happen just like that ?

can't we just grow over them . Forget them ?

Just let them go .

And pretend it never happened .

Is God going to teach me another lesson ?
or a deep desire , a dream , a wish is going to come true ?

I don't want a lesson i've had plenty.
I am a changed young woman.(can he *God*see?)
I just want some wishes to come true.

P.S:- i will post something better soon.


Arpit Rastogi said...

Oye Its nice..
Its pure n i liked it.. :)

Keep Writing..

Or thoda padh bhi le.. Fail mat ho jaiyo.. :P

Ankit said...

Liked the post !!!
but not the feeling within it !!

Just believe in yourself and I bet every wish will come true !!!

and as rasto said !!!

Its pure !!!

Keep writing !!!

THis one is good too !!!

Happy Blogging and take care !!!

viddhi said...

@ arpit :: thank you :)

your suggestion is taken into consideration and is being given a very serious thought :P

on a serious note yaar padna shuru kar dia hia...exams chal rahe hain :/

viddhi said...

@ ankit bhiaya :: thanks alot :)

i will come up with something better and will like the post and the feeling as well. :)

till then take care
and happy blogging :)

Jack said...


Read all pending posts now. What you say in Random is so true. Why can we not live peacefully with each other instead of deceptions? I am sorry to learn about your break up but one needs to understand that any relation is healthy only if few basic principles are met - mutual respect, mutual trust, giving space and two way open logical communication being the foremost. If any of these is lacking in one then that relationship is bound to have troubles. Do think it over as to who lacked these and then move on. I really liked the quotes on comparing Fate to Sand storm, Pain is inevitable.., One is loved... and You can be what you believe yourself to be. It is a fact that there is a reason for each happening. You do not need any more lessons but a lot of understanding and love. Mother is always a source of comfort for each of us. If you wish to, my id is in my profile.

Take care

akanksha said...

Unadulterated it is! penning down the exact same thought without wondering about anything else in the world!

Beautiful it is...and if your wishes come true, it would get better:-)

Nice post!

viddhi said...

@jack :: thanks for the beautiful comment and your valuable guidance.

i really appreciate that you read all the posts and replied.

thanks alot ! :)

hope to see you again.

viddhi said...

@akansha :: thanks a lot ! :)

i know it would be a lot better if the wishes come true.

thanks for the visit.
hope to see you again :)

SF-1 said...

Yes everything happens for a reason. You may not understand the reason behind thing right now. But later, you will just know.. No one will tell you, you will just find out yourself why this happened.

All you can do is to prepare yourself to face that truth.