Thursday, April 29, 2010

so much like love.....

(for the thursaday poets rally.....)

so much like love.....

I cannot leave you

Because I don’t hold the

Best of you …..

I cannot take you

Because I don’t take the

Rest of you …….

But somewhere I know

In some parts of my heart

We are one

But somewhere am

Scared too …..

I might have

Misread your mind …

May be your not

All mine …

I peered so into everything

That was yours ……

To search you out

Who are you..

In your heart….

You seem so good

too good to be true

and I believe you ..

and this Is what

scares me the most

when I think about you

I get lost …

And I cannot sleep …

I wish you could peep

Inside my heart

But it’s an art ..

And I don’t know whether

You are skilled or not …

This feeling is strange

But so much like love it is ...

I don’t know what you feel

How you feel …..

Sometimes I wonder

Would you be there..

Till the very end???

The question lingers in my mind ..

Day and night ..

Whose answer am not able to find..!!