Thursday, May 13, 2010

just not my fairytale

AWARDS BY KARAN A ,THOUSIF AND JINGLE here ...thnx guys ... !
..thnx :)

just not my fairytale

All this while i was with you
i know you were not true
and the n we both through
because the relation we had it failed
but in my heart i knew it wasn't my fairytale
because when i was in the dark
it lost its spark
and it was the time to see
how strong it was
and came to know it was weakest of all
because it withered away with a blow of wind
and i came to know it was a mistake
it was just not my fairytale


Thursday, May 6, 2010


AWARDS BY JINGLE AND WORDWAND ... thnx alot guys ... here
(for poets rally)

As i lay dieing
Four feet under the ground..
trying to grasp a piece of breadth
My hands shivering
searching for a clue
for some lost meanings

As i lay dieing
Four feet under the ground
All i could find is darkness
see is darkness
feel is darkness
and all i could think of
is the sinful night
when i agreed to be devil's bride
he casted an evil spell
instantly with him in love i fell
Not realizing that i was just a prey
caught by his sinister sight

As i lay dieing
four feet under the ground
madly in love with him
A love so true
In my heart i knew
My fairytale it was meant to be
but i knew nothing of
his devilish desires
and without thinking
i stepped into the fire
fire big enough to
burn me whole
engulf even deepest of my desire
My dreams my final destination
were supposed to be
Not this graveyard
where i lay dieing
four feet under the ground
searching what all this
was meant to be
trying to figure out
my feelings ...
what i lost and what i gained..
but all i find is
this strange emptiness
this darkness
AS i lay dieing
four feet under the ground