Saturday, December 15, 2007


MY PAIN ............
I stand alone ,
as no soul sees me ......
i look at memories that last ;
through the window of past .
those moments are lived by me .
feel locked in room for which lost is the key .
trapped in joys and sorrows;
that have no tomorrow.
think i failed in all walks of life .....
i feel i fall on the sharp knife of reality.
i bleed and i die
Every time i try;
i hurt and i cry..
but no one's able to see my pain .
when all my efforts go in vain.
but still i smile and i hope for a better tomorrow.
but that doesn't mean there is lack of sorrow .
All doors of happiness closed one after the other or ;
have i been looking at the closed one for sooo long ,
that never saw the one opened .