Saturday, December 15, 2007


MY PAIN ............
I stand alone ,
as no soul sees me ......
i look at memories that last ;
through the window of past .
those moments are lived by me .
feel locked in room for which lost is the key .
trapped in joys and sorrows;
that have no tomorrow.
think i failed in all walks of life .....
i feel i fall on the sharp knife of reality.
i bleed and i die
Every time i try;
i hurt and i cry..
but no one's able to see my pain .
when all my efforts go in vain.
but still i smile and i hope for a better tomorrow.
but that doesn't mean there is lack of sorrow .
All doors of happiness closed one after the other or ;
have i been looking at the closed one for sooo long ,
that never saw the one opened .



Radhey said...

This is Radhey, wokring as software engg. i see your profile it's cool,and u have so many small images.Good Work

Soul said...

not so emotional and sentimental please

The Author said...

very good! the rhymes are a bit repetitive and there are a few grammatically odd phrases here and there. it really does convey despair but is a bit too pessimistic i think.

Tha said...

hey...gud goin daaa,n u r jus thts impressive :)
btw the profile is very very it one o dos girly things? :)
n dnt gt stuk wid de oneliners da..concntrt on ur rytin
thts all fer now...keep bloggin

Black Mystery said...
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Black Mystery said...

Life indeed is a bunch of interesting twist and turns, which make us happy and sad at times. But then, on the whole when we look at our life, we discover that even the sad or low moments in our life had been part of something good in the making for us.

the only thing i want to say -
“Enjoy the little things for one day you may look back and realize they were big things…”

but simply ur blog is too good..
keep it up....