Monday, August 16, 2010

BLAH_blah_BlAh !!

At times i think theres nothing to worry about the other points it seems life is going in a hellish way ....

can things be more complicated.. ??

moving back and forth between doubt and faith ...i wish i could be more clear about the things .. a lot of things in life are changing practically everything ..perhaps too fast ....i am not able to deal with it ... right now i really need to have that sense of certainty ...but messed up .... i don't know .... i don't have much to say :(

i feel lonely and sad ... i want to say a lot of things but somehow am not able to express....!

am waiting for things to change ...hoping too hard and somehow now i feel it is taking a toll on my sanity . i think i need to relax .. !

i hope tonight is a "good night"..!