Monday, August 16, 2010

BLAH_blah_BlAh !!

At times i think theres nothing to worry about the other points it seems life is going in a hellish way ....

can things be more complicated.. ??

moving back and forth between doubt and faith ...i wish i could be more clear about the things .. a lot of things in life are changing practically everything ..perhaps too fast ....i am not able to deal with it ... right now i really need to have that sense of certainty ...but messed up .... i don't know .... i don't have much to say :(

i feel lonely and sad ... i want to say a lot of things but somehow am not able to express....!

am waiting for things to change ...hoping too hard and somehow now i feel it is taking a toll on my sanity . i think i need to relax .. !

i hope tonight is a "good night"..!


Ankit said...

Hota hai yaar aksar hota hai !!!
I mean i myself very often experience this thing !!

and u know what do i do finally !!

I just put headphones in my ears listen to a soothing sufi song and then sleep !!!

When i wake up i m fresh,
though the thoughts still prevail but i just simply let the life flow and do whatever satisfies me !!!

Coz at times u can't do anything bout life u just have to live it !!!

Read the book 'Who Will Cry When You Die' by Robin Sharma if u haven't,
an awesum book and it really makes your mind strong to deal with the complexities of life !!!

nyhow bahut pravachan ho gaye !!!

Happy Blogging and take care !!!

and cheer up life is not so complex abhi to life mein bahut kuch dekhna hai !!
kayibaar aisa man karega ki lets finish it but u know itna aasaan nahin hota !!!
SO just face whatever comes ur way kuch mile ya na mile is se par tumhein experience zarur milega and also u'll learn something !!!

ooo yaar m again doing pravachan stuff !!!

k finally take care and m waiting for a new poem, jaldi likho aur post karo !!!

Arpit Rastogi said...

oye pata hai..
mera bi same to same scene hai lyk i too feel sad n blah blah blah.. ha ha ha..
*same pinch*

ouch!! it hurts.. but never mind.. the pain makes you realize that you are still alive.. :))

all i can say is..
don't do anything just sit back n relax..

have a good day n great life..

Thousif Raza said...

i too sincerely hope that viddhi... lets hope and may god bless you :)

take care and keep writing.........

viddhi said...

@ Ankit bhaiya :: you are absolutely right ... ....thank you for all advices... these days am doing wat makes me happy and am trying to take life as it comes.. and be happy ...

thank you ...and yess i ahve read that book .. who will when you will die .. its a good book

@ Arpit :: thanks for the wishes .. ! :)

@ thousif :: thank you so much :)!

Jingle said...

two awards for you,
have a smiling day!

viddhi said...

thanx..i will pick them up soon !

SF-1 said...

Not all the feelings can be expressed by words. I think you've also realized it!!