Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Memory of a rose ..

some more poets rally and other blogger awards ... :)

by jingle ... thank you !


Color of the rose changes ..
Red pink yellow...
all to dried brown one day ..
some got crushed ....
some got plucked ...
some just withered away with time
a strange nothingness remains
that reminds of the beauty
it once possessed
sweet smell that dissolutes
from reality and the cruelty
befallen upon the delicate being
of how it was crushed and plucked
the unsaid , unheard pain
but nature's rule it is ..
and they are meant to be
to give happiness when needed
to dissolute when in pain
to be everything when alive
and something yet nothing
after they have died .. !



Jingle said...

nice to see you new poem,
well done.

Ankit said...

hmmm !!!!!

Now thatz a nice one !!!

AM happy I got to read something beautiful after such a long time !!!

It's Awesum !!!

long ago i wrote a poem titled 'Pushp'
aaj us poem ki yaad aa gayi !!!

though it stood nowhere in front of ur mind blowing poem !!!

In your poem every word can be felt !!!

Happy blogging and take care !!!

keep writing !!!

mayank said...

nice poem i like it.......

viddhi said...
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Ankit said...

itz Ankit I suppose !!!!

viddhi said...

@ ankit bhaiya :: sincere apologies :S

viddhi said...

@ jingle :: thank you !

@ arpit bhaiya :: your comments critique ..appreciation everything is invaluable ..... and u too are an amazing poet ... am big fan of urs ...:)

thanks alot !

@ mayank :: thanks alot !

ravish yadav said...

vey well written,,,,

HaRy!! said...

yur granps wll b soooo v moved, u mad me miss my grandpa v much! :(....sweet words

Thousif Raza said...

very very beautiful... loved this one viddhi :)... so true... loved it...

take care and keep writing........

Jingle said...


awards for you.
Happy Monday!

viddhi said...

@ RAvish : thank you ....! :)

@ haRY : thanks ...:S

@ thousif : thank you ..and have you died ? soo long no post ??

@ jingle : thank you. !

Razigan said...


Sudeep said...

beautifully written..

Tripat "Prerna" said...

m spellbound....
wonderful expressions


viddhi said...

@ razigan :: i think you forgot to comment !

@ sudeep :: thank you.!

@ tripat "prerna" :: thanks alot !

SF-1 said...

Nice... I can feel it...

I have nothing else to say...