Thursday, February 24, 2011

No, i don't want to be a queen..
i don't want to rule ,
all i need is a world of my own .

where ,i can go steal the ink,
write my own dreams
and carve my reality out of them.

No, i don't want a life
without shallows and miseries ,
all i need is the courage to carry on.

which never lets me put myself down
helps me to move on ,
and saves me from myself .

No, not that i don't want to live
but death has seized to scare me
all i need is someone to make me believe .

that makes me stronger
helps me survive
and tells me that there is someone loving me .
...Viddhi Arora



Rajlakshmi said...

beautiful thoughts penned so wonderfully...

Ankit said...

beautifully written !!!
ever word is an explanation in itself !!
I dnt know how i missed it,
it was not showing on my blogger updates !!
Every poem that u write becomes my favourite i must say !!!

loved it !!
keep writing !!
Happ blogging and take care !!

Sameer said...

Your each new poem is better than the previous one.
I would love to read a quatrain poem written by u.
Do write it.......

Arpit Rastogi said...

Kya baat hai yar.. :)
matlab.. You wrote it so beautifully that.. that..
bus pooch mat yar, dil khush ho gaya.. :)

Keep Writing. :)
Keep Smiling. :)

viddhi said...

@rajlakshmi :: thaks alot ! :)
hope to see you again.

@ankit bhaiya :: thanks alot are just being generous with appreciations ... honestly i did not find it that good .. but thanks alot .. it means alot ! :)

@sameer :: thank you ! ill post it soon ...keep visiting :)

@ arpit :: haha ! thank you .. but honestly i dont think its that good ... but thanks ..your comments means alot ! :)


...this is wonderful Viddhi... keep the words flowing... ^^

Good day!!!^^


Promising Poets Parking Lot said...

believe in yourself, survive.

Promising Poets Parking Lot said...

wishing you the best.
share one piece with us today, make more friends...

bless you.

rohan said...

good work .... keep it up ! &
keep writing .. take care :)

Jack said...


First visit. Read current posts. You write well and from heart. So nice of you to remember all those who mean to you at the end of 2010. Poems are engrossing. Mothers are real love of one's life. Did you have PRANTHAS in Pranthawali Gali, Chadani Chowk?

Take care

viddhi said...

kelvin ..thanks :)

Rohan : thanks alot ! :)

jack : thanks alot ..hope to see you again :)

SF-1 said...

Nice.. something that you may like...

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