Saturday, August 13, 2011


Its not the end or never ending silence .

It is powerful.

It has the power to silence poeple when they say : " Money is everything . Money is life .. ethics, principles believes all these things comes later...and idealism , sacrifice,contentment are nothing but euphimisms for a person's inability to acquire wealth."


Randeep said...

True :) I got one comment in my recent post as

"Never take life seriously, no one gets out alive anyway"


SF-1 said...

I don't know whether I completely agree with this post or mot. But certainly I agree that its powerful in the sense that it has the potential to change the lives of people forever, who are left behind. I don't know whether the victim's thinking or ideology changes or not after death because has ever experienced it and still been alive to solve this mystery.

So many questions remain un-answered. So many plans shattered. So many emotions crying out loud to you...

Ankit said...
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Ankit said...

My favorite topic !!
Yes the death indeed is powerful !!

The end of every tension, every suffering, every misunderstanding !

An end better than the beginning yet a major loss !!

Happy Blogging and take care !!

viddhi said...

@ ankit bhaiya :: true.

thanks for dropping by !

you too take care !! :)

viddhi said...

@ SF-1 :: if you agree to that some extent you agree to my post as well... !! )

thanks for the comment!!

viddhi said...

@ Randeep :: yes. totally agree.
life is to chill and have fun.

it was just a randon thought !! :)

thanks for dropping in! :)

Arpit Rastogi said...

Quite Intense..
& i loved the intensity of your post n thought process..

Keep it coming.

Pesto Sauce said...

Death is perhaps the only truth

viddhi said...

@ arpit :: thanks a lot ! :D

@ pesto sauce :: yes. one of the things i wanted to convey through it.

Jack said...


Death is the only thing one can be sure of. And it is great leveler. King or beggar can not defy it.

Take care