Monday, September 13, 2010


FOR The Thursday poets rally week 30 hosted by jingle .. !


The darkness within the darkness
A darkness in which i find easier
to find myself.......
and much easier too loose
what does not belong to me -
the things i hold on to .
it helps me to set my soul free
it redefines ..
unleashes the passion with in me
it gives me strength to take-off
the MASKS i wear ,
-A thousand masks ..
for no one can see me ..
i cannot see myself....
a strange comfort i find
in the anonymity ..
a sense of security is there
and the pain,
my pain, it passes into nothingness;
a beauty blinding or an ugliness unbearable
nothing matters ...
and nothing has a new meaning ..
only what is seen is the latent truth
which was hidden deep inside the layers..
Its gateway to an understanding
to an open minded impartiality.
for its the DARK,
and no one can see no one
no one is afraid
and the DARK is not just a darkness
its a gateway to a new understanding...!

................VIDDHI ARORA


Thousif Raza said...

i loved it... loved it completly... :) i think its you best work.... (becasue i kinda forgot your earlier works :P)

kidding aside... loved the emotions you portrayed... great creation :)

take care and keep writing............

Arpit Rastogi said...

this one is beauty yar.. awesome..

liked it..

Cheer Up Gal.. :)

viddhi said...

Thousif :: .... thank you ... :)
i dont know whether its my best work or not ..but it is one of my favorites. :P

Arpit :: thank you , BTW where have you been ?

i am seeing you a after a loooonggg looong time ..

Ankit said...

Beautiful as always and this time it is something more !!!!

I read it today, i've been too busy lately and missed this one !!!

I agree with Thousif,
this one is indeed your best one !!!

Even in my case the things that i have learnt being alone and being in darkness have been my life's greatest lessons !!!

Happy Blogging and take care !!!

Keep Writing !!

Ur posts really rock !!!!

viddhi said...

@ ankit bhaiya :: thanks alot ! :)

Anonymous said...

great work !!
keep it up :)

viddhi said...

thanx alot .. !
u could have used Ur name instead...
at least i would have known who u r ! :)

Anonymous said...

i'm sum1 u know
but sum1 u cant think of

viddhi said...

tell me tell me ...
tell me ur name plz.. !

Anonymous said...

hint: we were in same school

viddhi said...

so were a thousand other games plz ... tell me who ur . !

Jingle said...

lovely sentiments,
loneliness is complex,
hope you well...

Glad to have you in.

Jingle said...

Happy Thursday,

thanks for the support...
I see you already reading other entries, there are so much changes ever since you left months ago...

the participants are dynamic. I enjoy each and every talent there.
thanks again for sharing!

notjeffery1 said...

Loneliness is a bittersweet companion.
I enjoyed your dark rally entry.
(my entries)

Emmanuel Ibok said...

Intelligent write...I love the darkness being more than just darkness. Well done!


Carina Fosse said...

good poem, I like your dark style

may I correct a typo in the fourth line.

"Loose" should be spelled "lose".. unless you intended that.

2zpoint said...

Loneliness and loss both should never be left to dwell in one's soul It makes the bearer old long before their time. Glad to see you write this it is appreciated.

Someone Is Special said...

OMG I loved it totally.. I always feel someone is special for something and you have done that so well.. Hats off..

Fragrance of Friendship

Happy Rally

--Someone Is Special--

fiveloaf said...

very nice--

umapoems said...

loved all ur poems and especially the one for ur grandfather :)

viddhi said...

@ jingle :: thanx alot .. !
yea i noticed alot of things have changed since i left ... !
nice to be back !
thanx for the comment !

@ notjeffery1 :: thanx alot !

@ Emmanuel Ibok :: thanks !

@ Carina Fosse :: thanx !
and its not a typo ..that was intended ,, ! :)

@ 2zpoint :: you are rite ...but sometimes theres no other option ..
u dnt have anyone and loneliness and loss they start dwelling in your soul and slowly became a part of you..
any way thanks for liking :)

@ Someone Is Special :: thanks alot ! :)

@ fiveloaf :: thanks alot .. !

@ umapoems :: thanks ..!! :)

Sumit Sarkar said...

Very beautifully written... :)
You have a very nice blog...
Keep writing... :)

Jingle said...

take the awards after you are done,

for Poets Rally, 3 poems can be submitted....

also, vote your favorite poets after you finish your initial 18 commenting....

Thanks a lot!
have fun!


...indeed, in darkness i find more peace... you're adorable my friend... Cheers!!!:D


viddhi said...

@kelvin ::...darkness is indeed more peaceful.. thank you .. :) !

viddhi said...

@ sumit :: .. thanks dude !

@ jingle :: the initial 18 commenting has been done ..and thanx for the awards i'll pick them up soon