Wednesday, May 7, 2008


MY LOVE $.........

Rainbow shined ..
Flowers smiled ;

and the sun shined brighter ..

my heart grew happier ....
when the beautiful moment came ...

you put your arms around me ...
and held me close
i heard your heard beat
heard your heart beating faster n faster
I felt i was alive ...
this was the most beautiful..

n wonderful gift i can ever get in my life ...
something that filled my soul with pure joy ...
Being with you am a lot more happier than I was ,....
I smile a little more than usual ..
i feel all the more contended,,
please will you promise to be my side ..
to stand by me forever n ever ..
You made my pain, my sorrow ..
my tears fade away ..
and made my life beautiful in a way ..
when you held my hand ;

i felt your warm touch ..
i felt your love something that was so soothing
love that is soo eternal ..
these moments of togetherness ...
the feeling of oneness..
fill my heart with emotions feelings..
n love that i never felt before !!!
The moment yet to come
for which i wait with all
all my faith
for i believe in god
n beleive that some day dreams too come true !!


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