Wednesday, May 14, 2008


DREAMS , DESIRES , PAIN, HEART....................

Beside you i lay ....
can't see the stars but one day i may ,
darkness of the night ..
i feel in the emptiness of my soul,
In silence of the night i see
my dreams and desires dieing ,
i see my hopes lost ....
and my world shattered ,
No one knew my heart was already tattered,
to anyone nothing mattered,
whether i lived or i died ...
no bonds no strings tied .
all knots n connections broke ...
nothing left the world that binds me .
there's no one who needs me .
left alone with my loneliness.
i live everyday and fight with.
the shadows that haunt me .
Nothing fill my heart .
with the colors of joy .
people played with my heart .
thinking it was a toy .
but it was like a little flower ,
that was crushed ....
before it bloomed and blushed ,
never found anyone ...who could ,
share my pain sorrow and grief ,
someone who could be ,
light of my night ..
and song of my soul ,
oneday the search ended ...
thought someone was there ...
who cared and loved ...
but it took such a less time .
to realize that it was .
a beautiful dream .
i was holding onto .
that i didn't know ....
wont ever come true ..

.......................VIDDHI ARORA

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shanki said...

hiiii viddhi here is shashank can u plz come on yahoo
your poems are dam good