Monday, July 4, 2011


"mysterious overmastering is the power of fate,
From this, nor wealth nor force of arms
nor strong encircling city walls
nor storm tossed ship can give deliverance ."
-Sophocles (Antigone)

I am scared, not because am incapable but because so much is in destiny's hand.
Life and times change you. You start believing in things you never did.
But i know destiny and hard work go hand in hand ,
because its real life not a Greek tragedy!

on a happier NOTE :-

Here's my tattoo , in public for the first time , Since both my parents now know about it.(I told mom the same day i got it done. I told dad that its temporary. Since a lot of time has passed and it did not go away so dad is now used to it. He has resigned to the fact that his girl is a li'l out of control :P)

i got it done one 3rd December 2010

In the process.

First look.

After 2 days.

i really like it. Its simple and suave.
i thought of those Celtic art and anagrams and stuff ..did a lot research too but in the i know i wanted something that wouldn't look foolish when i grow old. something that doesn't match my personality. This fits the bill. hope you guys like it too.


Rachit said...

love the quote; Believe, quite thoughtful and inspiring, how can a girl going for something so motivating can be out of her mind?? lovely tatoo:)

Thanks for liking N2MN; hope to see you and your valuable comments @ Weakest LINK:)

viddhi said...

@Rachit ::

thanks for all the compliments and liking the quote and tattoo.

did i mention i am out of my mind?
though i do talk non sense sometimes but m perfectly sane :P

i'll drop in sometime soon.

take care! :-)

Randeep said...

Hai Viddhi, first time here.

Luved the quote. And I used to hate tattoos. Especially on girls. But I really liked this one.


Anoop said...

m comin by after so long..n the tattoo is nice... how much did it cost u? :D

viddhi said...

@ Randeep ::

i love tattoos . I think they are wonderful .
thanks for dropping by.

hope to see you again soon.

take care!:)

viddhi said...

@Anoop ::

yes, indeed its been a long time.

thank you.

its a 4 inch tattoo and it costed me rs3500. :)

hope to see you again !

take care!

Anoop said...

only 3.5k?
tats goood..... :)

viddhi said...

yeps. if you get a more complicated thingy- any sort of design or colored will cost more.

Arpit Rastogi said...

oye hoye.. :)
awesome towsome.. :)
mast yar.. :)
Super-like.. :)
Loved your tattoo.. :)

Congrats tattoo girl. :)

Happy Blogging. Happy Tattooing.. :P

Sorcerer said...

Really nice tattoo...

I am working on an oil painting themed "Woman with a dragon Tattoo"

Pesto Sauce said...

Tattoo looks incredibly sexy

rahul aggarwal said...

loved your tattoo...even i have got OM inked on my arm!!!

where did u got this done...?


Jack said...


It is so true. One can not do anything to avoid destiny. However this does not mean that one does not do anything thinking that he or she will get what is destined. One needs to put in best efforts and then leave the results to destiny. BELIEVE, so true. First in oneself and the values learnt from elders, then God followed by destiny. Rightly chosen tattoo and will be appropriate at any age. And very nicely done too. I am glad that your parents have accepted this, may be with little reservations.

Take care

SF-1 said...

As Morpheus says in The Matrix - Fate, it seems, is not without a sense of irony!!!

I totally agree that hard work and fate, both are important ingredients for success. And then I realize that there is so much that is not in my hands too. I feel so helpless for myself.

Lyf doesn't change overnight. This is a slow process, but we realize only when its changed. That's the irony of the situation. All though this time, I was thinking we are doing fine, until I realized there is no future left.

Tattoo is nice. I somehow personally don't like the idea of imprinting or wearing some accessory on my body, no matter how deeply I believe in it. Not even the name of the person without whom I can't even imagine my lyf. It just does not make sense to me. As you said..Lyf and times change. You never know when you stop believing in it. Change is the only thing constant in lyf. I read this when I was in skool. Sorry about that, but just expressing my feelings.

Habiba Younis said...

wow! this looks so damn cool!!!

viddhi said...

@ arpit ::

thank you so much :D

viddhi said...

@ Sorcerer ::

thank you !

put up a picture of your painting of your oil painting..i would surely like to see.

visit again! :)

viddhi said...

@ Pesto Sauce ::

*blushes* THANK YOU ! :)

Ankit said...

Sahi hai bhidu !!!

Jhakass hai Tattoo bhi aur ye lines bhi:

"Life and times change you. You start believing in things you never did..."

Happy Blogging and take care !!

viddhi said...

@ rahul aggarwal ::

thank you!
OM ....thats nice :)

thanks for dropping by..visit again!

viddhi said...

@ Jack ::

thanks a lot..

you gave a lovely interpretation of the quote and my tattoo.


viddhi said...

@ SF-1 ::

i too feel helpless sometimes.

i totally agree in change being the only constant in life . But there are something things that never change ..their are some things we never cease to believe in no matter what ever changes . so its for all those i know, will stay the same.

viddhi said...

@ Habiba Younis ::

thank you..

hope to see you again!

Gowthami Nandigala said...

Hi Vidhdhi...first time here
And I loved your thought behind opting this's nice:)

viddhi said...

@ ankit bhaiya ::

thanks alot! :)
glad you like it.. !

viddhi said...

@ Gowthami ::

thanks a lot ! :)

hope to see you again !

Thousif Raza said...

the tattoo is now a part of you... and everyday it will make you happy and any sad day that might come in ur life... that part of you will always give u strength...

i am glad and so very happy for u that you got the tattoo done :)

Take care and keep writing........

viddhi said...

@ thousif ::

thank you!

it does make me very happy! :)

you too take care!