Monday, July 28, 2008


For my dearest friend .......for the beautiful memories we created and for times of our togetherness that I'll always miss .....

In my heart lives my pain ..
from which nothing i gain .
for i believed in my dream,
my faith was extreme
because the wrong seemed so right
for the thought of loosing fright
but now the things have changed
the one's i loved are estranged
the greatest fear came true
people ought to stay left
they promised me never let me go
may be they didn't knew
what all i went through
i believed every word they said
fake or real my world they made
but now there's nothing left
my world is shattered
so am i ..............
but to them now i don't matter
there indifference hurts the most
they cant see me my pain
my tears cant hear my cries
the ones who mattered to me ..
to them i don't matter and
the one's who didn't matter
knew all they stood by me
to love m to care .........
but the pain caused
can never be healed
the damaged caused can never be repaired ..
all i can say is THANK YOU!!!
for all the beautiful memories...
which i preserve in my heart
for making me understand
the value of friendship
for me the word FRIEND
has only one meaning YOU !
my love was true
may be the circumstances
not through ....
maybe i was not good
enough to be with you
but my love was true
my friendship was true
n all the memories of our
togetherness i preserve
in my heart .....
For you'll always be
special as you were.......
but what you did is unforgettable ..
may be the mistake was not your's
not even mine .....
may be its just that
life's like that ....
but i'll miss you .....
and hope that u too will ...........miss me ..!!

............VIDDHI ARORA

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honey said...

hey dear.....!!
U Rox....!
KeP It uP.!