Sunday, April 4, 2010


A warm embrace ,
A passionate kiss
something that nobody wants to miss ,
A touch so different ,
a sensation that could awake
a thousand more senses
such is the true love
so cheerful so live
to insanity it can drive
no limits no boundaries
a night of lights
so wild so free
some teasing some caressing
and then taking to bed
to make love is what he said
more about heart and soul
less to do with body and mind
and soon you find
you din't realize
when love metaphorized into lust
All the feelings all the emotions
nothing but a strange desperation
The warm embrace turns
into a cold war of bodies
you give yourself whole
expecting love and honesty
but all you get is ignorance
and fallacy
and as the sun rise you try to
find him by your side
but all you find is
emptiness and betrayal
The touch the kiss
hugging and teasing
awakens your senses
No love but a feeling
of dirt , emptiness , impurity
and the realization
that making love was just having sex
is all that flourishes
It's love .....LOVE that has
the power to make you whore ...


Arpit Rastogi said...

So true n Deep.. :|
liked it.

vidhzii said...

thnx alot ... !! :)

Arpit Rastogi said...

u r welcome.

u r seriously good with serious stuff... *jealous of you* *burning* ;)

gv this poem a title..
Keep Writing. :)

viddhi said...

hmm...yeah m thinking ... about one ... jealous why jealous ..your good with your humor no ??? plus people read your blog things people hardly read ..*gives the all jealous hurt look* ....

BTW i think we can form a mutual admiration society .... :P :P :P

Arpit Rastogi said...

You are not an alien over here..
You ll find your match soon.. :)

for now,
I ll link you with some of them:
Check out:
for poem n all.. you will find a whole new world out thr on her blog n various poet rallies.. :P

another best blogger friend of mine:
he is a great guy with nice blog.. :) Know him, Know Blogging n Life. :)

One more cool blog:
She is just awesome with her blog.. :)

Your offer is great.. :))
Ye khushi ke ansu hain.. :P

what the hell!!
Our mutual admiration society is already rockin!!! :D
abhi ke liye itna kafi hai.. *hugs*

P.S. Hey, You ll be famous in no time.. :))
Actually you are famous already.. You ve one bigtym fan.. n when it's me.. It matters *HA HA HA*

viddhi said...

haa....yeah the society rocks ....
n thnx fr the links ...*Big thnk u wali hugs* hehe .... fan..YUPPIE!!! ..*i love*i love* ...finalyy i have one ....
!! :D :D

Arpit Rastogi said...


Keep Smiling. :)

viddhi said...