Friday, January 1, 2010


Deepest of deep in my heart
fighting a fight
over whats wrong and whats right
my soul is torn into two
no matter whoever wins
eternal loss is mine .....

One is the one
hopelessly in love
Dreamer of dreams
sleeps at night
and dreams in day time

Other is the one
who has seen the world
faced the harsh realities
has fought has bruised
and has been hurt

In spite of all this
other still chirps and flirts
and knows no boundaries
only the depth of feelings
and is not afraid to dream
at night sees the stars and smiles
feels the breeze and blushes

But the other is always scared
scared of the darkness
scared of the night
for it brings with itself
a strange loneliness
so cold so dry
at this time the heart
longs for warmth of love inside
but it cannot forget
how cruel is the world outside ...
because it has been hurt
not once but twice
it wants to save the other
from breaking falling
and getting hurt and destroyed.

There was a time
they both were one
It was before i opened my eyes
before i saw the world
but they are far apart
one lives in reality
in this world
the other has created its own
the distances between
me and me stirs me
creates a havoc
a turmoil of emotions
inside of me
but still it cannot forget
that this is life
it must go on
for its a journey
never waits for anyone
now my dreams are not my destination
but a bitter reality
and i know am strong enough
to deal with it
to fight with it
and move on with it ...

..............VIDDHI ARORA


prerna said...

amazing poems
awesome presentation
i told u last time that u r just next to PERFECT
but now i must say that when it comes to writing
u r actually PERFECT...

Anonymous said...

really very very nice......

Lakshya said...

Are these all written by you?

Really Nice.....

viddhi said...

yess lakshya they are written by me ..thnx ..thnx alot ..!