Tuesday, April 13, 2010

MY world...

MY world...

Almost ignoring real living
i live unconscious of stimulation
to a different world belongs my dwelling
this is not my world
not my place
though it has a pretty face
but it is not dear to me as my own
which is known to some
far beyond the oceans
under the same old blue sky
where my desires are
not afraid to fly
where my young dreams breath
where the darkness of the night
transforms my warmth into intensity
and the light of morning sun
fuels my passion
where me and my loneliness resides
which gives me strength to carry on
when that deep pain inside
takes hold of me
when my emotions controls me
when even a little pin prick hurts
MY WORLD ..it's in my dreams
in my reality
in the little birds chirping
in the squirrels playing
It is all around me
it is inside of me
yet it is far away
but why people ..they cannot see
they cannot feel
the way i do
why they say it is an illusion
of my imagination and reality
it is a fusion
they question its existence
they question my existence
for it belongs to me
its a part of me ...
they say am different
they ask questions
but my answers ..
they never satisfy...
now and forever I've
sealed my lips
for now i have no explanations
for their questions



Arpit Rastogi said...

Your world is cool..

Hey.. the world we live in.. Might be an illusion.. *MATRIX TYPES* ;)

Nice poem..

P.S. Y so serious???

viddhi said...

yess...the world is fantabulous.....
about ur wolrd and my world i cannot say much ......the're different and fr me they both r real ...

hmm...serious ..lyf is kinda serious ..... u c ..i took my boards this year .. and things are tough ...

Thousif Raza said...

you write abt simple things which make your life better,... and i like that simplicity a lot :).

take care and keep writing........

viddhi said...

@ Mr. Raza....yeah.... i always write about simple things and they are always related to me some way or the other .....m kinda "selfish poet "lolzz
neways thnx alot for liking ....!!!

kamal said...

Well written vidz!
keep it up!

viddhi said...

thnx ...kamal..!

Ankit said...

gud one once again !!!
dnt wry !!
Therez a big world which lies ahead for u !!!
U'll get all the answers !!!
tk cr !!!
Happy Blogging !

viddhi said...

@ thnx bhaiya.... !
i'll try not to worry ..but then again there things that botther and scare .. !

Jingle said...


week 16 perfect poet award,
please read the post for details.

Jingle said...


3 poetry awards,
2 friendship award...
Happy Sunday!

viddhi said...

@ jingle ..thanx for the awards ,,, ! :)