Saturday, October 22, 2011


BIRTHDAY SPECIAL !!!! *claps* *whistles*

yayeeeeeeeeeeee !!!!

This birthday was really special.
I wasn't really excited. I wasn't very happy.
I even cried.
I was feeling a little lonely .. I decided to stay at home to.... but then in the morning I changed my mind.. I went to college.

As I entered the class everybody started wishing ... and the whole class sang happy birthday.. followed by innumerable hugs and kisses was amazing!
since it was my birthday me and few of my friends decided to bunk a lecture..
and then suddenly we planned to go to new Delhi railway station ..and travel in airport line metro and go to dhaula kuan ... and then to shankti niketan ... yay !
so we went there...we went to this awesome Chinese food joint called QD's ...we were 5 people .. and we had like 2 plates malai kebabs (they serve indian too)..2 plates honey chilli potato ..2 plates chilli chicken ..1 fried rice ..1 Singaporey noodles ..1 tandoori momos ..2 Manchurian ..and we finished it too...all of it .. and for 15minutes we couldn't move from our chairs..after that ..we sat on the footpath for a while... teased boys..yes...although our whistles were not audible.. i got to check out and whistle at the best of the lot. :D
We got high on water the and discussed stupid shit..planned a trip to Goa .. then we searched for alcohol to sober up.. but we couldn't find it ..(its an institutional area so lounges don't serve alcohol there) then we decided to go to cannaught place ..* COCO-BERRY!* took an auto ..sang katiya karooon .. jalebi bai ...and what not. and planned to buy few embassy s and bungalows of politicians etc..we were screaming all the way ! shouting ..out of control. We apologised to the auto walle bhaiya !
There in cp, I made the guy give us extra toppings for no extra cost. :D we were acting like retards . it was soo much fun. *sigh* I told him ..its my birthday and he has to give them .. then we started shouting please please please ! and he had to agree:)
After eating yoghurt we finally decided to go back home.. oh yes. on the way back i danced at the metro station.. and in the metro as well ! It was unexpected ..random and so much fun. I never had so much fun in my life.. I never thought I could have people who would do all this for me .. to make my day special.. I was really touched.

honestly ,I never gave them so much importance.. but then .. am *short of words*
(some feelings words can't define)

This birthday I learnt a lesson :-

To became a part of someone else's life , first you have to give them space in your's , you have to give them a part of you ... it becomes theirs and only then you can connect to them .

With me it was like .. I wanted to be a part of their life but I did not want them to give them that part of me which would connect us .. I was scared to give it to them..I was scared they would hurt me.. I thought they would not value it . they would just not like it .. I was just not ready to take that chance ... but its not like that. It's me not them.

I realize that .. I want to take that chance with people without being scared.. at least I want to try.

To Friendship. I hope there exist something like that :)


Rachit said...

Happy belated bday :) and yeah friendship and college mates makes up the rather dull life all happening :)

Weakest LINK

SF-1 said...

Awesome!!! That's like I would have loved to celebrate my birthday!! Feels like I just finished a long tour of New Delhi :-) Saved me some money.. Thanks !!!

And that's the lesson I wish everyone learns at this exact age. This would be like one of the perfect things happening to us, isn't it?

Fearless... Just because we have been shut out once, doesn't mean that we won't open up to someone else in our entire lyf. You have to take a little risk.. and not infact risk.. You won't take risk ever.. you would yourself have trust in that person and your feelings and your relationship, no matter what it is. And when you have so much trust and faith, its just that you believe in them and take a step forward. I won't consider that as taking any kind of risk at all.

To put in simple words, have you never fallen down since the day you started walking at the age of 1 or 2? We fall down a number a times, but, then we stand up and walk again. That's not considered as taking risk. You have faith in yourself, that you will be able to walk, so you just get up and start walking. On the same lines as Taylor says.. *blushing* ...

"To me, Fearless is not the absence of fear. It's not being completely unafraid. To me, Fearless is having fears. Fearless is having doubts. Lots of them. To me, Fearless is living in spite of those things that scare you to death. Fearless is falling madly in love again, even though you've been hurt before."

Jack said...


I am so glad that you had such a happy time on your birthday. May you always have such fun with friends. And the lesson you have drawn is so very true.

Take care

Jyothi said...

Belated Happy Birthday! :)

viddhi said...

@Rachit ::
True that :)
thank you!.

viddhi said...

@ jyothi ::
thanks a lot ! :)

viddhi said...

@ jack ::

thanks a lot ! :)

Arpit Rastogi said...

This post is like so fucking crazy & it lived upto my expectations.. :) :)
You had the real fun on your b'day, gal.. I am jealous!! huh!! :P

I am so glad that you had those lil lil moments of craziness-happiness-YoYoNess \m/ on your day.. You totally deserve them!!!!

Bus aise hi mast stories share karti raha kar.. makes us all happy!!!!

Update us with more of your craziness with your friends!!! :) :)
Tell us all about it!!!

Happy Blogging Oye.. Rilli happy for you!!! *SMILE* :)

Pesto Sauce said...

Wow that was some birthday celebration

Ankit said...

Happy Belated Birthday !!
Haa I am late in wishing
or maybe too early for next year !!!

I superlike Rasto's comment and agree with him !!

Yaad aa gayi yaar college ke dionon ki !!
Miss frenz and those small crazy moments !!

Happy Blogging !!
Loved this post because of the matter and ofcourse because it was a Happy Post from you !!

Be happy And take care !!!


viddhi said...

@ SF-1 :: m not a taylor swift fan but for some reason i do agree with her...

thanks ..i do understand what you want to say ..i think i just need some time and things will fall into place .

thanks for dropping by ! :)

viddhi said...

@Pesto Sauce ::

yeah everything was awesome...thanks for dropping by ! :)

viddhi said...

@ arpit :: thank you so much ..for such a wonderful comment.. m glad that you enjoyed reading it.

definately i will share other crazy stories with you all ! :)

thanks for dropping by! :)

take care!!

viddhi said...

@Ankit :: lets say you are late in wishing me this year year wish me on time ! :)

Even i loved his comment.. glad it reminded you of your good old days ! :)

its been long ? where were you ? I've been waiting for your comments ..

you too have fun and take care !! :)